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Our Mission

Enable all residents particularly those within economically disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to become self-sufficient and empowered through education, access to critical services and advocacy.  Steer economic development in a manner that yields thriving businesses and creates training and career opportunities for residents delivering a strong and committed workforce, sustainable neighborhoods and profitable communities.

About Quilt


QUILT is committed to initiating and supporting signs of hope in the city by empowering people, achieving social justice and economic development and promoting the well being of communities 


  • IN the power of grassroots organizations to re-imagine and creatively transform their communities.

  • IN the wisdom of our community partners.

  • IN taking risks with urban social services programs where other foundations might not be willing to do so.

  • IN a model of progression that supports sustainability and continued growth in our communities. 

  • IN awareness and belief  as a dimension to addressing community challenges that creates enhanced solutions.

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