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Community Engagement and Outreach


Inclusive community engagement is about building strong, unified, sustainable relationships and partnerships. One of the key components making our engagement processes responsive, inclusive and culturally appropriate is having and building the capacity to understand the implications of race, culture, and socio-economic status within our  underserved communities.

Economic and Workforce Development

Our Economic and Workforce Development goal is to steer economic development in a manner that yields thriving businesses, and creates job training and career opportunities for the residents of Chicago's underserved communities.  Working every day to deliver a strong and committed workforce, sustainable neighborhoods and profitable communities throughout Chicago.

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Health and Human Services

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Many of Chicago's neighborhoods are home to some of the highest incidences of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and HIV in the city.

We are working to eliminate these health disparities, by designing, implementing, and evaluating community-based initiatives that address the social determinants of health, be they racial, social, economic or environmental, in some of Chicago's most vulnerable neighborhoods.

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Working Together

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New Beginings

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