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Community Engagement and Outreach

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We are Engaged

Our mission - Work to an end of institutionalized racism and promote multiculturalism and full participation by all residents, that includes inclusive Outreach and Public Engagement that commits all partners to developing and implementing outreach and public engagement processes inclusive of people of diverse races, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations and socio-economic status by increasing access to information, resources and civic processes for people of color and immigrant and refugee communities through the implementation of racially and culturally inclusive outreach and public engagement processes.


Quilt's Inclusive Outreach and Community Engagement Objectives:


  • Acknowledges the barriers that people of color and immigrant and refugee communities experience in accessing or participating in public process.

  • Recognizes diversity as both a strength and opportunity.

  • Affirms that a healthy community requires outreach and public engagement that takes into account our communities’ racial, cultural, and socio-economic complexity.

  • Understands that eliminating racial disparities in economic well-being requires long-term, targeted interventions to expand access to opportunity for people of color.

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