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WorkForce Planning

A robust and qualified workforce is paramount to healthy communities, employers, families, and individuals.

Increasing employment remains central to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime and providing social harmony.

The human need and suffering in our communities demand strategic, sustainable and collaborative solutions that bring hope and lasting positive change.

On the one hand, almost 40 percent of American employers say they cannot find people with the skills they need, even for entry-level jobs. Almost 60 percent report of lack of preparation, even for entry-level jobs. On the other hand, this “skills gap” represents a massive pool of untapped talent, and it has dire consequences, including economic underperformance, social unrest, and individual despair.

The skills gap takes different forms.  In some cases, it is a matter of youth struggling to enter the workforce; in others, it is mid-career learners who have lost their jobs because of factory closings or layoffs, and who now must adapt. Whatever the circumstance, when people are disconnected from the workplace, they often disconnect from other social institutions as well. This is not healthy—neither for those left out nor for the societies in which they live.

Quilt delivers a workforce training solution that addresses these concerns :

A Program that engages participants and delivers the exact skills required for each participant. 


A focus on specialized training modules that integrates technical behavioral, and mind-set skills requied where on-the-job failure is most likely to occur. 


A Curriculum that emphasizs practical tasks with approaches that include simulations (physical and digital), interactive with site visits.


Regular assessment ensuring that problems are identifed and addressed, assuring particiants show mastery of all necessary skills.


Lasty, instruction that is delivered in multiple ways, conventional in-person classroom instruction, online, video and mobile methods.

Tackling the Issues Head -on

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